Garage Door Opener with Google Home integration

Hello…I have been hoping to utilize my pi as a carport entryway opener utilizing RFID. I have every one of the parts and code made sure about however was contemplating whether I could utilize my google home small scale to control the carport entryways. I have the 2 channel hand-off yet right now am just robotizing 1. I’ve found out about webhooks however I don’t have the foggiest idea how to get the worker physically active solicitations.

@DellyRosen I’ve moved this to a new topic, as it doesn’t really have anything to do with the topic that you originally posted in.

My first though is “why do people insist on using Raspberry Pi’s for projects like this”!
I guess that if you have some Python or NodeJS programming skills then it might make some sense, but personally I’d use a NodeMCU and C++

Raspberry Pi’s are great as Blynk local serves, but not so much as a client. They take forever to boot up, are prone to SD card wear and are quite fussy about power supply.

If you want to integrate with Google Home then you should look at Sinric, or IFTTT, or better still use MQTT and Node-Red with one of the Google Home plug-ins.