Garage door and fingerprint with BLYNK

Hello freinds I did the garage door opener with blynk before and I wanted to add the finger print sensor out side so am able to open it and close it and also I register my member of family so they have access to the garage door coz some of them they don’t have the blynk app on the phone.
I already posted the TFT AND THE FINGERPRINT so I just needed to add it to blynk to show the state of the door
Thanks .
Here is the video


That is great! I would love to see that hardware opened up. Did you make the case etc too?

You could use a series of reed switches and magnetic strip to work out the location of the garage door and display it on a level widget.

Hello sir
Yes I did the case by my self with stainless and weld it so it’s water proofs and I ordered the bracket for the fingerprint sensor they sell it in
Ill take it apart again and take couple of pics and post it
Also I ordered reed swtich
I just have one prox sensor on the buttom of the garage door to indicate the status of the door if it’s open or close

Also u made very cool projects I always follow it and I’ll make also the monitor for the over that u did it’s amazing
Keep the great work sir
Thank u

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The reed switches would be great i think when paired with some strong magnets… you could use one rear earth megnet on the bottom part of your door, and then 5 or so reed sensors up the wall. With each state change, calculate which one, and map it to a level you define.

Please post your code on Github if you are willing to share! I would love to star it and watch for updates!

Keep up the great work fellow maker!

This is really an amazing work to do!!
It is inspiring and I would LOVE to try it myself, would appreciate it if you could upload the code or the steps.