G mail con blynk

Buonasera ma con blynk Legacy deve assolutamente essere messo indirizzo email di Gmail o può essere messo un altro indirizzo? grazie mille

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Hi Cristiano,

You can register at blynk.cloud - Dashboard with any email.

Dmitriy from Blynk

He’s trying to run a Legacy local server instead of paying for Blynk IoT, and not making a very good job of it :wink:



Perché non sto facendo un buon lavoro?

Why am I not doing a good job?

Well, with this particular issue you’ve not read the documentation, which clearly states…

WARNING : only gmail accounts are allowed.

Prior to that you created problems for yourself by not emailing the auth token to yourself from your mobile phone’s email client, or copying and pasting it from the local server admin screen, but typing it manually.
In fact it seems that you struggle with the concept of copy/paste in other areas too.

You’ve also struggled with port forwarding and server auto-start, despite these being covered extensively in the local server documentation and/or on this forum.

Lastly, you regularly categorise your local server posts as being about Blynk 2.0, which confuses the people who are trying to assist you, and wastes their time.

Building and running a local server isn’t a small task, especially as there will be potential security vulnerabilities that arise as a result of there being no new code updates and no updates to ensure that it runs on the latest Java releases. having a device like the local server on your network creates security issues for every device that connects to that network, and if you don’t have the network management skills to mitigate these risks and monitor vulnerabilities then it’s a potential security risk now or in the future.

Personally, from what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think that you’re cut out to run a local server.
I’d suggest that you use a paid Blynk subscription instead, it will be far cheaper and more reliable in the long run.

Just my 2 cents worth though, and I’m speaking from my own perspective, not that of Blynk.