FW shipment "Download limit reached"?

I tried to ship to 2 devices in different organisations.
I started one after the other with maybe a minute in between.

1 is still running but on the other I got:


I checked the documentation but can only fine this limitation:

But I only tried 2 today so…?

Any idea what is causing this?

@i-connect this error means that the device tried to download the firmware multiple times (10) but wasn’t able successfully do that. The reason usally either bad connection or something wrong with the firmware.

thx clear (maybe update the text of the notification?)

I tested again and it seems to go fine. Both devices were updated and are online with the new firmware version

But I see this shipment result with 1 device uncompleted:

Details of the uncompleted device:

Any idea why it does not show:
like my other device in the same shipment did?