From ThingSpeak to Blynk


I’m trying to retrieve my own data that I throw at ThingsSpeak and send it to Blynk too

In the debug I already get the data to appear, but too much information appears
{“created_at”: “2020-05-23T16: 26: 45Z”, “entry_id”: 97987, “field1”: 26}

I wish only 26 would appear, since that is the value I want to send to Blynk

I have tried change msg.payload, but it has not worked for me
How could I do it?

Thank you

Sorry, I think I have the wrong forum.


I am using Node-red to extract the data and pass it to blynk

I will ask the question in the appropriate place.

@trocalos what do you see when you click on this arrow to expand the message, and any other arrows that are then revealed?

In recent versions of Node-Red you can copy the message path using this button:


In this example of mine, copying the path gives the result payload.POWER
so adding a Change node configured like this:


will result in a msg,payload of OFF

Does this help?


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