From blynk can't download the report

From yesterday i can see the real time data changes in data streams. but still they are not stored in report and when i am try generate the report, that one without any notification, it silent. And not generate the data also.

So please give solution, if any bodies knows about that.

Hello @Neyarprasanth. Maybe it is related to this issue, please read Sudden lack of data on SuperChart - #11 by DawidBoTak

First of all thanks for replying @Oleksii-QA. There issue is he was not turned on the history data and after make to on, then problem was resolved.
But my side that history is always switched on condition only, even it was stucked. And today after 2.30PM only restored automatically.
I don’t know the actual problem. If anything knows about this criteria, please try to suggest me. May be I can prevent in future for this problem.