From blink to Blynk, an IoT jorney on the wings of NodeMCU ESP-12E

With this tutorial, we will learn how to handle with this fantastic little device, the NodeMCU ESP-12E Development Kit V. 1.0.

The overall idea will be:

  • Blinking a single LED
  • Connect the ESP to an OLED display
  • Capturing local data from digital and analog sensors
  • Upload data to an IoT service as Thinkspeak
  • Display and control “things”, using smartphone app’s as BLYNK

The full project can be found at:


Very cool! Thanks for posting

Could you please post it to as well?- they can parse your instructable automatically In return for an Energy refill from @Dmitriy :slight_smile:

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Sure! I will do it with pleasure.

You can see this project at
From Blink To Blynk, An IoT Journey On The Wings Of NodeMCU -