Frequently Asked Questions

We are so happy to receive many questions about Blynk from you. Some of these questions are really popular, so we summarized answers here.

I see your Kickstarter campaign has ended. Can I still help fund Blynk?

Unfortunately Kickstarter campaigns don’t last forever. If you are interested in Blynk, please sign up for our newsletter at, we will notify you when Blynk is live.

When Blynk will be released?

Blynk for iOS and Android is planned to be released at the end of April, beginning of May. Libraries and API might be released earlier.

What’s the difference between Blynk Cloud and Local Blynk Server?

Blynk Cloud is a remote server which is set up and ran by Blynk team. Every Blynk user will always have access to it.

Local Blynk Server is an Open-Source software that you can install on your local desktop or laptop computer. It’s written on Java which means that it can be run anywhere where Java works.

Can I run Local Blynk Server on Raspberry Pi?
Yes, Running Local Blynk Server is for more experienced users, but we will provide step-by-step guidance for everyone.

In order to update the app and get new widgets, you will be required to connect to Blynk Cloud from time to time.

How much access to Blynk Cloud costs?

Access to Blynk Cloud will be free for every Blynk user.

In an unlikely case when amount of requests will become enormously high (like really really high), we might consider limiting frequency of requests per user, or sharing costs with our users. Kickstarter backers won’t be affected.

What hardware does Blynk support ?

Please see the list of supported hardware here or on our website.

What would be the price for widgets?

Kickstarter backers will get their widgets based on the rewards chosen. We also plan to encourage our initial backers with special gifts from time to time. After the launch, the price of the widgets’ will be higher, we will announce it closer to the release date.

Does Blynk work with Bluetooth?

Blynk currently works over the Internet only.
However, Bluetooth is one of the most requested features, so it will be implemented in future releases.

Can I share my dashboard with other people (family, friends, pets)?

You’ll need to login into the app using same credentials. We also plan to have a much better and smarter way to sharing.