Free plan limitations

There is a very low limit when adding automation actions.
I’ve looked at the price plans and the first level up.
Can’t see it mentions how many you have when paying.

Hey there,
Can you post a screenshot please ?

Hello. The current limit is:

  • 5 automations for the free plan
  • 25 for the PLUS
  • 50 for the PRO
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@Dmitriy Is there a limitation for the number of actions we can add ?

Yes. ~20 actions per automation.


I just came across this thread. Can the limitations for automations be the explained? For PRO especially, is this 50 automations per user? Per device?


I guess it’s per plan, so it doesn’t matter how many devices or users you have, it will be 50 automation max.

I don’t see how that makes sense? PRO is set up for businesses. How can I tell the first customer “you can only use 1 automation”? Or if the first customer uses 5 the last few customers don’t get to use any?

Per organization. (Every sub org has own limit). So if you create a new sub organization for every client - every client has 50 automations. If that’s not enough - please let us know.

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OK great. Thanks for the explanation. 50 is definitely more than enough, I just wasn’t planning to do a separate organization for each customer, but perhaps that is the best option. Thanks.

My project works fine, Mobile dashboard too, but Web Dashboard shows nonsense values.
Has this anything to do with using Plan Free?

Absolutely not
Check the min max values in the data stream

You’re probably looking at the Template view rather than the Device view.
The Template view shows random data for visualisation purposes.


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