Does anyone tried to make project at FLProg and then get it worked in Blynk app?

About FLProg you can find info here http://flprog.ru
It’s a visual coding programm with FBD blocks.

It looks very interesting, but my Russsian is unfortunately non-existent (except “cheers” LOL). Are there any plans on translating this thing? I’ve looked into it and was a bit disappointed it’s not in English.

@Lichtsignaal, english version http://flprog.ru/index/english_version_of_the_program/0-24

Oh,didn’t see at first time:
“To donate the project, You can “Donate in the development of the project” page (note – use of the Russian payment system!), transfer to PayPal or Web Money (hidden by moderator). If the amount of aid will be 10USD or more and in the comments to the transfer You provide your email address and the request code created by the program FLProg, the company FLProg as a gift within 24 hours you will receive to the specified e-mail address license key to activate the language pack.
Without a license key, the English version works for 2 minutes after each program start. After this time is automatically switching to Russian interface language.”

Ah well… the first objective is to get it actually running since I’m on macOS … We’ll see after that, lol.

In “Downloads” I only see versions for Windows and Linux(

macOS is Unix, so it should run, but I’ll check it out later.

Sorry but it looks like the whole thread is just spam/advertisement.
We did not see this system working with Blynk.
If the authors of FLProg implement Blynk support and show it working, we can agree on some cooperation. Right now, we do not have any plans/resources to support this.

@vshymanskyy, sorry if it looks like spam/advertisment, but it’s not. :sob: I am in no way connected to FLProg. :dizzy_face: I’m just a user.
Just started to use this software and wanted to know about cooperation with Blynk.

Ok, no problem :slight_smile:
I wonder why they decided to charge extra for english version.
Anyway - no one has used it with Blynk AFAIK.

Yeah, that is a bit weird.