Flood sensor sketch - need help

I try to built a flood detector. The idea is that after water shorts two pins on polulu board - the board switches ESP8266.
ESP8266 boots up and simply send push notification to my phone. It works with modified example from Blynk “push notification button”.
But now I try to adopt another example “Template_ESP8266”. I need to have standalone app with possibility to set WIFI credentials from the app. With the code below, my app can be connected to WIFI, and I am getting push notifications that my device is connected/disconnected. But there is no push notification that “water detected” after boot up.
In “Template_ESP8266” I have modified only 2 files: “Template_ESP8266” and “settings.h” Please see below the code.
I have posted only part of settings.h which I have modified

Details :
• ESP8266 -01 (it is written 15, but looks like 01)
• Android 4.2.2
• Blynk server
• Blynk 0.5.2


//#define USE_SPARKFUN_BLYNK_BOARD    // Uncomment the board you are using
//#define USE_NODE_MCU_BOARD        // Comment out the boards you are not using
#define USE_CUSTOM_BOARD          // For all other ESP8266-based boards -
                                    // see "Custom board configuration" in Settings.h

#define APP_DEBUG        // Comment this out to disable debug prints

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h>
#include "BlynkProvisioning.h"
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

void setup() {
  Serial.println("Water detected!");
  Blynk.notify("Water detected!");


void loop() {
  // This handles the network and cloud connection



#define BOARD_FIRMWARE_VERSION        "1.0.1"
#define BOARD_HARDWARE_VERSION        "1.0.0"

#define BOARD_NAME                    "Flood sensor"        // Name of your product. Should match App Export request info.
#define BOARD_VENDOR                  "Company Name"        // Name of your company. Should match App Export request info.
#define BOARD_TEMPLATE_ID             "TMPL0000"

#define PRODUCT_WIFI_SSID             "flood sensor"         // Name of the device, to be displayed during configuration. Should match export request info.
#define BOARD_CONFIG_AP_URL           "our-product.cc"      // Config page will be available in a browser at 'http://our-product.cc/'

@pilotlt Do you’ve a business account with Blynk? As far as I know, blynk provisioning works only with the commercial account.

You may like to relook on how you want the application to be built. You can have the 8266 running and the water flooding pull a pin up to high. This can be trapped by either attaching an interrupt or doing a timer triggered read of the pin. Based on that, appropriate alarms can be sent.

No I do not have business acc. But it seems provisioning works : I can create app, and the app can be connected to wifi by entering SSID and pass.
Regarding the project by itself. I am switching ESP8266 only to send notification. Polulu board let do it at the required moment, so I am saving batteries. To power this device I need only two 2AAA batteries.
So I only need the ESP to send notification after boot up, that it :slight_smile: