Flood error warnings

Ok so in the troubleshooting it says:
When Blynk.virtualWrite is in the void loop , it generates hundreds of “writes” per second

Here is an example of what may cause flood. DON’T DO THAT:

void loop()
Blynk.virtualWrite(1, value); // This line sends hundreds of messages to Blynk server

And this is exactly what the code is. So what are the exceptions of the rule?

That was an old topic… Blynk later added in some form of ‘governor’ to the library that keeps flooding from happening at the expense of loop cycles.

So rule no exceptions… The warning is still valid, as that is just bad Blynk programming form. And the results, while still there, are just not as cripplingly noticeable.

PS I moved your comment to it’s own topic.