Flood Error Messages

I’m getting flood error messages and I’m not really sure why. I’m only pushing to blynk once a second, and there are no blynk pushes in open code, so I’m unsure of what the reason is.

Any advice?

My sketch is here:

I’m getting the flood error message randomly now. I know for a fact I have nothing actually pushing to blynk more than 1 second apart. For example, depending on where I put a Serial.println in my code it starts throwing the flood error.

I’m using the mysql arduino connector, and when I uncomment the Serial.println in the code below I start throwing flood error messages.

void mySQL_push(){
//  Serial.println("mySQL Push");
  char buf[160]; 
  sprintf(buf,"INSERT INTO gH.devGreenhouse VALUES (now(),%d)",h1);


@vshymanskyy please have a look in this scetch. I think it could be a bug in Blynk library.

I don’t think it’s the bug in the library.
Well, you’re doing 10 virtualWrites each second, this is actually the threshold, so you get these random flood errors.
Try updating the values each 2 seconds (or reduce the amount of virtualWrite calls).
This should help.

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It’s very interesting. Even when I put it to 5 seconds, 10 seconds, it actually looks like the virtual writes are occuring each time the loop cycles thru, not based on simpletimer. Im not sure what this is caused by though.

You can check it: you already have “Serial.println(“sendUptime ran”);” in your code…

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I dont know what you mean by you can check it, i did check it, and its still happening whether or not i put a two second, five second or ten second delay in. That’s why i reported it on the forum. that’s why i put “Serial.println(“sendUptime ran”);” in my code, to check it…