Finger Print App Sensor

There is on very phones such as some galaxy Samsung and Apple phones (Iphone) Touch sensor for lock and unlock and … So why like as other sensor(Light, temp, …) on Blynk we do not have that?


It’s a great idea! Will love todo use ir for example, to unlock the door at home

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Exactly. Most Door locks Sytem are expensive so this is good to lock with phone and touch id system.
No need to tag Blynk team in every post. We read everything in our community.

Because we can’t build every single feature straight away :slight_smile:
It’s on the list


Thank You Good Luck.

Nice to know :slight_smile:

And is it possible on blynk app monitor and send to server the battery percentage?
Is it in the list? :blush: Also not necessary to repeat questions in multiple topics :wink:

PS… about that thing I said, that time… I can explain :stuck_out_tongue: