Finally, the dark theme 😃

For some strange reason the tab text (see the white now pic) is fitting normal now, see black pic (alo on white theme now) :thinking:

Also one thing i noticed and very annoying is reset of superchart time period to Live after reopening the app instead of keeping last chosen time period (like in my case 6 months).

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I will check those issues

Heh, we hadn’t been able to finish all things we planned for the new UI and dark theme, but I hope we will make them before next May)

Among other nice features available in the latest build:

  • Android 12 and later: there is an option to switch to the Material You theme in settings.
  • Users of Android 11 and later may enjoy Device Control support: long power button menu (Android 11), or status bar option (Android 12 and later) - where you can pin your blynk devices for quick access via the system. It’s the same place where you can find Google Home devices.
  • There is also a basic latest notifications home screen widgets (which can be set to show a specific organization if you have several ones)

Do you mean May 2023 ? :scream:

Dark theme might be nice (to some).

But, you have disimproved the fonts for light theme.
They are now thinner, I believe, which makes it much more difficult to read on light background.

  • I don’t see this as any improvement. Not at all.
    Please fix.

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I must admit.
I have spent the weekend playing around with the dark theme (on Mobile).

And yes - it is better than light theme …

(There are still some menu texts etc which is not “perfectly chosen” to match the dark theme - but it works great anyway. Some menu text is too dark …)

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We will fix such issues. If possible - just PM me screenshots of not nicely matched screens, and I will pass them to the design team or fix them depending on the issue.

Tab text changing size (see pics above) seems random??

Also noticed that medium text in a menu (pull down) is now too big and cut off in new version, see pics

Menu widget will be fixed.



Oke, things fixed with new update 14-06 (for me):
-Superchart saves last time period now.
-Menu text Xmedium fits now.

Still not fixed :frowning:
-XLarge text of labeled value cuts off at bottom
-Label text off widgets still to large
-Tabs text still changing in size?
-No scrolling between tabs (pages) from screen below tabs, on tabs itself scrolling works
-Text Large in “Text input” to big , to high in widget and therefor cutoff at top.


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I had dark mode on phone, and the update resulted in a change to light mode for Blynk, which looked better to me :slight_smile:
However I noticed that the x-axis cursor of the superchart disappeared, as it seems to be always white, so make sure such things are inverted too.

You probably had forced MIUI dark mode (if you are on Xiaomi device), or something like it. Just go to settings and select dark mode or system follow mode

Why did not you just make font size smaller in the widget settings? We had changed theme fonts, so new fonts are a little bit different. XLarge one is for larger widget heights than I saw on your screenshots, its quite surprise that it had fit in your UI previously

Because i liked it that big and bold as it was, so it stands out. Blynks new font is now thinner as it was and if i use a fitting size i think it’s not standing out anymore, why not give a option for bold or not?
I’'ll try to fit all with a lager widget size i guess…

But my biggest issue is the still the label text to big, can’t fit most texts that i want :frowning:

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That is correct, and I’m able to choose theme. But as I said, the line pointing at the x-axis in the screenshot disappears in light mode. Also text colors are not optimal for reading, ref the light green color of the value the cursor points at. That, and the y-axis labels, should be like the x-axis labels; black or white, dependent on background color…

I’ve added a small change for value display and labeled display widgets, so probably with the next update xlarge may fill in your sizing, at least it fits on my devices after the improvement has been added, it will be uploaded in nearest days.


Hm, I will check the described issues.