File or database timed import/export with Blynk local server

Hi Blynk folks, thanks for creating a really smashing IoT platform which I only just discovered and am eager to dig into! However, I am considering integration with the existing custom built data acquisition/logging/display/control framework we use for engineering teaching/research, and the capabilities of file export/import seem a bit unclear to me. I am sorry if I am asking the obvious here, but I would really like to have a good overview of options available, preferrably for programmatic control of reading/writing small text or binary files at regular, short intervals. My interpretation after (shallowly) reading a couple of other threads is that it is no longer possible to do this with a locally hosted Blynk server. Is that correct? Another option mentioned is the use of a PostgreSQL DB for storage, but looking at the schema ( ) it seems pretty involved. Is there any documentation relating to that?

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Alternatively, you can use the phpPgAdmin for PostgreSQL. Make export / import.

If I recall correctly… It was not made impossible, just made optional, as it was resource heavy and not everyone has need of a database.

That is the aforementioned optional… option :stuck_out_tongue:

Documents (for installing) are on the GitHub page for Local Server -

For further in-depth useage of the database (beyond the SuperChart’s CSV export and Blynk’s,API process, already incorporated in Blynk - If I understand their link with the DB correctly that it :wink: ) it is probably best to research the PostgreSQL site -