(Feedback to ) Sliders on digital outputs (Direct Analog/Digital pin control from App)

If I was to have foir vertical sliders controlling digital pins 1 to 4, and these pins were connected to LEDs through and Arduino PWM outputs, if the LEDs were to change their brightness automatically through the sketch coding, would the sliders on the Blynk app read the changes and move the sliders to the new PWM output value?

That is the key… if you have code that changes the values for the pins, then you would simply add in commands to feedback that value to the sliders.

I understand that, but that’s using virtual pins, what if the sliders were set to D1, D2, etc?

Then NO…

Near as I can tell by marketing and documentation, the direct pin control is just a simple Analog/Digital interface option to get beginners started (Firmata like but with a cool GUI)… or for basic projects that don’t really need any major sophistication.

Although who knows… widgets like Eventor may get even better in the future with direct pin control.

But for right now, powerful interactive control and feedback requires the virtual pins and code.