Feature request: notify when hardware goes offline after XYZ minutes

The current implementation of the “board has gone offline” is triggered immediately. This is not ideal for devices that connect to poor internet connections. Please allow us to specify how long the device needs to be offline before the notification is sent.


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It usually shows the device is offline message after the 10s default heatbeat timer is missed or if the hardware disconnects via code/restart.

Blynk gods @Dmitriy, @Costas, @vshymanskyy, @Pavel, and others, I’d like to re-submit this request. I’ve had a device go offline a couple days ago without any notice. Enabling the existing notification means I get false alarms up to a couple times a day because of occasional internet dropout / watchdog failure / whatever.


@Dmitriy can we add such setting in the notification widget?
I agree that often you can be swamped with notifications, but in a minute your device is up and running.

Also, there might be cases when device is in deep sleep, and knowing that it wasn’t online for a day - sounds like a useful notification.

We can do anything, you know :wink:.

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You guys are awesome. Thanks.

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I’d like to request an "online’ message to be included as part of the offline notification widget when system come back online after from being offline state.