Feature idea - Widgets just for the app, not connected to hardware

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many times, when I do some projects I find some tasks that I would like the app to do but not the hardware. Your “make yourself an app” idea with all these widgets could work very well also for enabling some “app prototyping” just for the sake of the user interface. Right now all the computing has to be done on the hardware being some small Arduino’is board, but there are times, when it just makes no sense.

Probably my idea is not that clear, so let me give you an example.

Right now, the user of my project (automated greenhouse) asked me to give him (in a new tab) the possibility to mark some dates for specific plants, and count how many days happened since that event. Just major events like: germination, flowering etc. This is possible to do with some clever use of slider widget for day and menu widget for month but as I understand it, there is totally no reason to send this information to the hardware itself. Or is there? I think it would be great if one could attach some script in app for these situations, not relying on (example) Particle photon to do the operations (counting days) it has no real connection to.

It would enable the makers to go beyond only “blynk as a remote for IOT” and into the more wide area of “app prototyping” I think. This whole idea might be opposing to your main goal, but since you are enabling more and more cool new features I just thought this would be great for users:)

BTW - Is that your goal with “eventor” widget (I’m using iOS app, and had no possibility to play with that widget).

You can easily deploy a JavaScript library client (Agent) on Heroku, and run any additional code there…

While I’m the guy that the ONLY programming skills I have are Arduino’ish C code, the “easily” in your statement was a little overenthusiastic.

LOL - things to google:
JavaScript library client



Not easy for most :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love to see an example :slight_smile:

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