False Subscription

I started using blynk with lowest subscription for my projects and cancelled it after some time, however, it upgraded to premium without me knowing and deducted money from my account. I cancelled subscription of low level yet it deducted money for higher subscription. I want full refund for it.

Hello @dharmik114.

To understand what the situation is with your subscriptions, we need:

  1. Need your login email to Blynk.
  2. You described the name of the subscriptions as unclear.
    Available Plans: Free, Maker 10, Maker 20, PRO 40 (for some Regions), PRO100, PRO500.
  3. What platforms did you subscribe on (android, ios, web)?

@dharmik114 I’ve bumped-up the privileges on your Blynk forum account to allow you to send private messages.
Click on @Oleksii-QA’s name and you’ll see a “Message” button. Use this to send the info he’s asked for as a private message.