Extrem Battery Consumption

Simce the updates (Jan 2016) often Blynk consumes so much battery… When its active in the background its on the top of the battery information screen. What can I do?

Hello. What version of app do you have? What android version and device?


I Have Version 1.8.2 but I have this already since the latest about two versions.

We had a battery issue few releases ago and it was fixed. Please monitor consumption with latest version and update us with results.

Today the same… Its on top of consumption but I only used it for about 5 minutes.

Could you please answer.

OnePlus Two with Android 5.1.1
Edit: Sorry I didn’t see the question before.

I have same problem. OnePlus One with Android 5.1.1

@pospisilk what version of Blynk App do you use?

Blynk App version 1.10.1

Could you please show us your system monitor.

Is this “system monitor”?

Thanks for your report,

Could you also post screenshot of the blynk application settings. And what type of connections you are using: mobile/wifi.

App currently is not working in background, seems problem in something else.


I am running into the same problem.
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6
Software Update: G920VVRU4CPF4
Blynk Version 1.13.2

Please check the thread Consumes a lot of battery on my smartphone - #13 by glorifiedg - there are a link to logging build which could help us with fixing this problem