Extra 50 devices are not visible

I bought Blynk Pro with 50 extra devices promotion. There were 50 extra devices. You can see the picture below. Now, these extra devices are not visible. Is this a bug?

July 26


There were no extra devices in any promotions. Maybe you mean the PRO 100 plan?

I was a Beta User than Iryna sent me an email to announce “New Blynk PRO plan available for sign up”

The email had the following part;
Why sign up now?

If you sign up before May 25th, you get 50 additional device activations for FREE

So, I sign up. And I get the 50 additional device activations.

Now, these 50 additional device activations are lost.

I think it’s a typo. There were 5 additional devices, not 50.

Can you please double check with @Iryna_Liashchuk ? Because there were total 95 additional devices on July 26. If it was 5 I wouldn’t have subscribed that early. :confused: