Export line chart data to excel file

Could you please add a functionality of exporting data from line chat from blynk to excel file, which suppose to have an option Auto/Manuel…
With this option we can save our sensors value to a particular file and then we can study later on.
suppose, we have a temperature sensor line chart in the blynk app and which we want to save to excel sheet automatically with specified interval.

Your valuable response is awaiting


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That feature is already available in the History Graph (and new SuperChart).


You can also easily clear data for selected pins or get all data for pins via email - just swipe left history graph and click “Erase data”.

@Gunner I think what @Ehtesham786 might be requesting is a true export of the chart rather than the data from the chart. So a direct export from Blynk to an Excel chart.

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@Costas You mean like a screenshot?? Data is data… how it is displayed is entirely up to the end method of displaying it. Or am I missing something here… I don’t export a lot of data.

@Gunner not the raw csv data and not a screenshot. A fully fledged spreadsheet chart, ideally in something like Apache’s OpenOffice Calc format. The app is obviously doing some complex stuff to render the SuperGraph so I believe it would be possible to take this data manipulation a step further and produce a Calc spreadsheet / chart.

The following is a link to create a Calc Addin with Netbeans and the OpenOffice SDK https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/API/Samples/Java/CalcAddin which suggests some of the leg work has already been done.

Maybe a long term goal @Dmitriy ?

@Ehtesham786 if you were just looking for the raw csv data that has been available “for years”. You can create a template in Excel that for example will format server UTC to local time and set ranges for charts. You would just then need to cut and paste data from new csv files into the template to see an updated chart.

Thanks for valuable response

Yes, you are right, i need to export data as well as chart
Now, i am working on History Graph, if found satisfactory then will reply you

Once again thanks to all

I have tested the history Graph and received the data over email but its format is very different
i want to have
in Column A

in column B

Please guide me to get the values like this format or formatting control is with blynk then please do for me

I get the data just like yours,the data of col B is missing .HOW to make it normally.

double click on the cell then it change the value but we can not use this time format for plotting chart in excel

@Ehtesham786 and @hznupeter study this thread LOVE THE CSV EXPORT! Two Things needed, Request From Hardware and Time Range