Export CSV Data every seconds

Hi everyone, I want to export my sensor reading one data for one second to CSV. But everytime I tried to download the data, blynk only show one data per one minute. Is it possible for me to get my data every seconds? Thank you.

What type of Blynk subscription do you have?
How is your datastream configured (advanced settings)?


Hello @Bocil , Probably the minimum time is 1 minute

1 minute1

The report will be every minute


But there is a second option. If your datastream has the row option enabled. Then in the report you can generate raw data. And if your data is updated every second, they will be in the report every second


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Thank you, it works!. Then, how about if i try to get 10 data for every second. Is it possible? Because my sensor reading is 10 data for every second. But i only get 1 data for one second

Hi sir, I have upgraded my blynk account the cheapest one. I’ve got my sensor data with one data for one second after saving raw data in advance setting. But is it possible for me to get more data for every second (like 10 data for every seconds?) Because my sensor reading is more than 10 data reading for one second. Thank you so much!

You shouldn’t be sending more than 10 pieces of data to Blynk every second.


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Ok sir. But how can I get more than one data for every second in Blynk?

I don’t think you can.


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Thank you so much sir!