Exchange string (text) between Blynk and ESP32 via bluetooth

Hello, I am an experienced programmer. I’m just starting with Blynk. Blynk
seems easy to work with. I need an installation app and, if this can be
implemented with Blynk, I would like to save myself the effort of
programming a complex app
I have developed a small ESP32-device that can be used to control any function
using the Amazon voice assistant.
I have some inquiries about this device and would now like to distribute it.
The customer first has to integrate the device into his WiFi network.
So my installation app needs the following:
A list box in which the available WiFi networks are listed. This list should
come from my device via blue-tooth. By tapping on the list box, the customer selects a network (SSID). Then I need an input field in which the network key is entered.
By pressing the “connect” button, the SSID and password are sent to my device via blue-tooth.
Is this functionality possible with Blynk?
Question 2:
Can I use widgets only or can I write code in Blynk as well?

All of this functionality is built-in to the new version of Blynk, it’s known as Provisioning.
However, it doesn’t use Bluetooth for this, it puts the ESP into WiFi Access Point mode and the provisioning is done via the Blynk app.

The new version of Blynk is the only one that you can legally use for commercial projects.


Hello pete,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Then Blynk is probably out of the question for my install app.
Because in order to log into WiFi, my device first needs the SSID and the password. And for that I need blue-tooth.
Then the somewhat more arduous way via a standard app programming.

Why does the data need to be transferred to the ESP device via Bluetooth?