Everything works with the Blynk mobile app, but can't connect to the Blynk.360 cloud

I am using Arduino Mega with Ethernet Shield.
It works perfectly with the mobile app (V2.27.29) and Blynk 1.0.0 library
But I never get a chance to connect it to the 360 cloud and use web-interface.

As I understand, I need to use Edgent to do it.
But there is no example for Arduino in the library, just for ESP32 and ESP8266.

Is it possible to connect Arduino Mega to the Pro cloud?
Or I should use another hardware (ESP) for this?

Did you try to follow these guides?



Did you try to follow these guides?

Yes, I did.

The problem sits in the fact that the last guide explain connecting Arduino+EthernetShield with the example of code for ESP32 WiFi.

And I did not find any example for Arduino connecting to 360.cloud.

Can you post it here @Pavel or point me in the right direction?

@vshymanskyy any ideas?