Everything went to zero.... Maybe a server issue?

I had a fully functional Blynk project running for at least 2 weeks without any problem. Since saturday evening, everything in my Blynk interface is set to 0, buttons also don’t work anymore.

  • I didn’t change anything.
  • Connecting my project to my home server works perfect.
  • Only thing that is working, is reading pin’s directly from the Blynk app. So app is communicating with the blynk server and the esp8266 is also communicating with the server.
  • Getting a new auth token also didn’t resolve the problem.

Somehow “Blynk.virtualWrite” and “BLYNK_WRITE” seem te have stopped working… and it looks like it is a server related issue.

My neighbour who is also playing around with Blynk has the same problem, completely different code.

We both use a Nodemcu and iPhone.

Anyone with the same problem or a solution?

Did you updated recently to latest iOS version?

Yes, it was automatically updated… Also on saturday… Today I also tried removing the iOS app and reinstalling it… But it didn’t solve the problem.

Ok. Thank you for reporting. We will check it. Sorry for in inconvenience. Also what iOS version do you have?

It’s IOS 9.2.

My Arduino code connects to the Blynk server without errors and it’s also happily sending data to the server.

Try to remove dashboard and recreate new one. it should help.

Thanks. I just noticed that it has forgotten al the virtual pin assignments to the widgets.
I reassigned them and things started to work again… but with a lot of disconnects from the side of the device… very unstable… As soon as I stop the dashboard, the device is happy again…

Next try is a complete rebuild of the dashboard… I’ll let you know the result. It’s quite a job since I am using 21 virtual pins. :wink:

Well, it could be too much for your hardware. Try to increase pulling intervals within application.

It’s all fixed now. :slight_smile: Not only the pin assignments were lost, but everything was also set to polling intervals… But I am using “push”. With “push” everything is now stable again.

Thanks for your great and quick help!!