Eventor vs IOS


I just read a conversation from feb 2017 about the eventor in IOS. Does anyone have an update on that? When IOS users can use the full functionality???
It is quite anoying that we pay for energy to develop something than you find out the whole thing is not fully compatible.

You can add your vote here:

to try to increase the likelihood of it being added at some point in the fairly near future.

In fareness to Bkynk, you can see and use all of the widgets available in iOS before buying any additional energy.

I’m an iOS user and have no desire to see the eventor widget added to the iOS app, as it serves no purpose to me. There’s nothing that eventor does that can’t be achieved (more neatly in my opinion) in code on your device.
I think it’s far better to avoid eventor, and direct pin manipulation, in the app, as it makes it impossible to see what’s happening in the app when you start trying to do more within your code.


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Might be true for most cases but for a simple notification case eventor is practical. If LED gets enabled notify…

Is there any update on the availability of Eventor widget in ios app? will the new iis app be released?


@figgnwilli the old Blynk iOS app won’t be getting the Eventor widget.

The automation possibilities are much better in the new Blynk app, check it out - Automations - Blynk Documentation

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