Eventor E-mail event or istruction disapears

I’m using Nodemcu and DS18B20 to read temperature in Android. I have the latest update of Blynk (2.14.5) I use Blynk Cloud…I get correct temp readings in my cell. Now I’m using eventor to send me notification and turn on a led when certain tempersture is reached. These work fine… I see that eventor now has the capability to send E-mails. I tried it and the E-mail is sent once. When I realized that no more “alert” E-mails were being sent, I went and checked Eventor widget in the app and found that the event or instruction where I included the E-mail mesage disapears and gets changed to other instuction such as TURN OFF_ or SET_TO_ …so no more E-mails are sent.
I have nothing regarding sending E-mails in the code. Just using Eventor by its self for this “alert”.
Do I need to include someting related to E-mail sending in the code in order to get Eventor to work? As I understand, E-mail events can now work without writing code… right?

There are some time and quantity limitations with email:

Limitations :

  • Maximum allowed email + subject + message length is 120 symbols. However you can increase this limit if necessary by adding #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES XXX to you sketch. Where XXX is desired max length of your email. For example for ESP you can set this to 1200 max length #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES 1200. The #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES 1200 must be included before any of the Blynk includes.
  • Only 1 email per 15 seconds is allowed
  • In case you are using gmail on the Local Server you are limited with 500 mails per day (by google). Other providers may have similar limitations, so please be careful.
  • User is limited with 100 messages per day in the Blynk Cloud;

Right. We’ll check. Maybe this is bug as this is very new feature.

Thanks for your response.
The mesage is very short someting like:
" Temperature passed the limit ". The thermometer is in a room so temperature changes should not happen very often.

@flack have you checked that the temperature is not constantly changing? Some sensors will get slightly different readings every few seconds and quickly break through all the email limits.

The constant variations you describe do happen with the DHT11 sensor and the notifications do go crazy. E-mails would go crazy too…
I’m using a DS18B20 which is much more stable…(but quick fluctuations may happen also).
I read a post about what you are describing and how it was fixed… and I need to study it since it is one of my options for a fix… but in this case, the problem seems to be in the eventor widget… for example: I add an event asking that when V1 (where the temp is connected to the Nodemcu and read) is higher than 28°C a short mesage is E-mailed (Temp on limit…or so) to me. I press Ok in the widget and close it. If you hold the thermometer for a quick test to raise the temp you get the e-mail…but if you go back and open Eventor widget in your cell’s screen to check your events, the E-mail is no longer there in the event… instead you may have other istruction in it such as; set_to_ or turn off_ …
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