Eventor doing something in period

I wonder if eventor would set pins in some time period

for example:

set pin v1 to 1 from 10:00 to 12:00 every day

now in my project I do the rule “set pin v1 to 1 at 10:00” and
if I switch on (or reboot) device at 10:05, the eventor doesn’t turn on pin.

or maybe I am wrong, and eventor can do something in period ?

That is because while Eventor did made the change at 10:00, it will not do anything else until the next event is scheduled… this is normal procedure. So upon device reboot that pin will be reset unless you also add code into your sketch for synchronizing virtual pins to last known state.

yes, I can sync, but it is not decision. device can go offline in random time for random period and last pin value could be wrong.

I wanted to ask for interval functionality in eventor, I think it will be convenient for the most blynkers, not only for me. I don’t ask help in my project, I can solve my problem in scetch without eventor.

I don’t think it matters about going offline because the sync can be done from server to hardware and server knows about the 10:00 am trigger.

Ah, I see… it sounded more like you wanted to know how to do that.

However, it seems to me that the constant rechecking for each and every timed event every x amount of time, and then possibly requiring feedback, so it isn’t flip flopping an event, etc, seems unnecessarily complicated and with too much communication overhead… especially since all the required tools like connection management and synchronization is already available for coding. Which should work for most random disconnections unless they happen at the precisely inconvenient time… in which your envisioned App interval might also fail anyhow.

I my view, coding custom solutions will always be a better than most built in App function variations, for anything resembling complex what/if/then situations, as everyone’s opinion on how to have a built in function differs in some way… cram too much variation in and you just end up with a bloated system. I have seen it happen with other once favored systems that started great, then got so you needed a tutorial, showing how to read the manual, in order to flip the switch the exact right way, just to do the thing you wanted :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it could be easily done, however we are busy right now with other tasks. So the only option for now would be to use sync.

OK, I will wait :wink:

and by the way it will be more conveniently if user could click
eventor and change some rules on the fly, without stopping project.

I have the same issue whit Eventor for programmable thermostat. (controlling a relay within a time frame depending on the temperature)

Because I do not know the coding part enough, I found a simple solution, not necessarily elegant and economical, using two relays (5V). A relay will receive the command according to the temperature, the other time function. The output of the relays will be connected in series, so the control to the heating element depends on the temperature and the desired time.