Eventor based on Virtual Pin

eventor is an amazing widget, but it could be nearly perfect if parameter values could be based on Virtual Pins, not fixed values.

Purpose of this is to be able to change the reference values for temp, humidity, distance or such with sliders, rather than opening eventor and edit the value - a LOT quicker and user friendly. Moreover, in this way multiple events based on the same parameters (i.e. on/off relay) can be updated in one shot.



I can see that becoming a cyclical nightmare… a widget that controls widgets being controlled by the widgets it controls :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, also right now it could be possible to create nonsense chains (in eventor if V0 = 1 then set V0 = 0 and an opposite trigger)… but dumb inputs give dumb outputs right? :slight_smile:

The point is that once event is set, the only thing somebody needs to change is reference value, and I personally do this a lot of times… moreover, having a sliders or steps would in the same time show the reference value of events, while now user is forced to pause app, edit eventor and scroll for that specific event parameter

I can reach what I need (sliders setting parameter) with a couple of lines of coding, but this would mean not using eventor and customizing the script, and this is just bad ahaha

Really really not possbile to implement? :slight_smile:

No, the developers have already prevented that possibility (it was mentioned in a past post somewhere), which is why I doubt they will entertain this idea… but you never know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The idea itself is quite decent - it would allow creating many useful projects with almost no coding skills. Let’s say a thermostat - just a slider and an eventor. The problem is a stack of different ideas :wink: But who knows …

And infite loops. You’d have to check very carefully the user doesn’t create something which can end in endless loops (see what I did there…) :wink:

Let the user think a bit. Protect the “master” (aka server) and let the slave (user) burn! Next time he will learn something :rofl:

I’m looking for this functionality too.

I am reading a temperature and want a notification based on a user entered input (high temp limit)

I can just do this on the other side though. But Eventor would be a handy solution!