Event logs widget

In addition to the notification widget, it would be very helpful to have an event registration widget in the application that allows you to track system events and enable the storage of the historical register of application logs.

Yeah. Already in plans and even partially implemented. Waiting for @Pavel design :slight_smile:.

Thanks Dmitriy, looking forward for it.

It will be great, with tiny hardwares like ESP-01 it’s a ass pain to debug or simply know what it’s happen at the moment.

With only 2 GPIOs… we need to make malabars for do what we need… and if we use RX & TX like another GPIOs… you can’t use the serial port to debug.

But… If you can send the info to a Blynk project…

The catch here is that until you are actually successfully connected, you can’t send any info to the server… thus to any App display, anyhow. Therefore totally useless for actual hardware debugging purposes :wink:

As you said… until it’s connected… but if the connection is not the problem…

Yes, I know, I can send data to a server… or a mail… but we are talking about Blynk… Yes, yes, yes, I can write to a lcd widget… yes i know… but with only 16x2 char lines… :weary:

Maybe mailing the log? Sometimes the log has a lot of chars and grows very quickly and to send a mail with the Blynk limitations… isn’t the solution…

But with a log widget…that acts like a serial console…

What about Terminal widget?

Yes… it will be valid :thinking: …no, it will be perfect :+1: I’ve only been, badly counting, two days using Blynk :flushed:

Look at this topic… Yes this was originally meant for a external display, but I have since been able to redirect the output back to the Terminal on the App as well… after connection of course :slight_smile: