Ethernet Shield authentication to browse the network


Hey Blynkers, I have a question that did not find in forum.

I’m working in a residential automation project for my college. I need to make the tests in the network of college, where I need to make authentication to connect in the network, with user and password. But i dont get connect with ethernet shield inserting the user and password. In my house I can connect.

What soluction for this problem? because in the arduino code I do not get insert this dates.



I’ve seen a situation where Ethernet shields don’t work with certain types of Ethernet switch. We’ve had some debates on the forum about whether this is caused when using a Layer 3 switch, but the guys who know more about this say that it’s not as simple as that.
One way to test this is to get hold of a simple switch (say a little 4 port switch) and plug this into your home router, and then plug your Ethernet shield into it. If your Ethernet shield still works then take the switch to your college and plug it into one of the Ethernet ports that you’ve been having problems with.
If this fixes the problem then you know what the issue is and how to resolve it.
If it doesn’t work then it’s probably caused by the IT department blocking the ports or protocols needed by Blynk.



For a larger company access layer switch,
There are two solutions.

1 There is a setting you need to make on the switch port for the ethernet sheild, because it does not auto negotiate speeds at all.

Here is my switch config , notice the speed is locked at 100. Duplex is set at FULL If you were to ask for a “locked down 100Mb Port”, the IT guys know what this means and could help out as well.

interface GigabitEthernet2/29
 switchport access vlan 192
 switchport mode access
 speed 100
 duplex full
  1. The other option is to buy a cheap switch from any local place that sells them. Plug it into the switch port and then plug the ethernet sheild into that cheap switch. The low cost switches are better at doing an auto negotiation of the uplink speed. for added security that you are buying the right low cost switch, look for a 100Mb one, not a 1gig one. Do NOT use some old router you have laying around, if the IT guys see it, they will shut you down and you’ll have to beg to get that port re-activated.


I talked to the guys from the T.If it would be possible to release the MAC or an IP band so I connected my shiled ethernet, but they said no possibility as this would break their security protocol.
when I press Google Chrome automatically appears two user fields and password to be entered so that I can browse sites. What I thought, is it possible to have the ethrnet shield insert these two fields in the Arduino code?

because it seems that TI of college will not be able to help me


Maybe Im missing what this all has to do with blynk? Have you searched the arduino site for “http post”? Look for ways to post to a form.