Ethernet connection with Blynk 2.0

Dear Pete,

I’m a Blynk PRO user and I beg your help.
I know that your time is very limited but please help me out in this matter but I cannot solved. I have a small application under Blynk that will engage some relays based on the power measured from some wire lines.
The problem is that my app will not connect to Blynk if the power will cut off and come back again. It will try forever without making the connection.

I need always to push the reset button to make the connection. If I push the RESET button … the app will connect and work fine till next power cut. This is a nightmare for me as I’m not so experienced. Please Pete … help me to solve the issue. Here is the full code that I use. What should I do to have the connection always with Blynk, either pushing reset button or power cut restore? Can you help me please?
Using Arduino MEGA and Ethernet shield for it.

the code is here

are there other power consuming devices powered over the Mega?

No . Just the small relays… App is running fine … the only problem is that related to power & reset… which I don’t realy understand. If I push the Reset … all ok … if power down … gets stuck to connect to Blynk .