ESPproMon Smart Energy Meter App - what is it?

This is quite a long thread so to save new Blynkers some time we will add the links you need here:

Video (please try to watch to the end if you can)

ESPproMon is a British Gas Hive and Google Nest style home automation smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. If you check it out on the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes please remember to rate and review the app.

Android App

iOS version on Apple iTunes

ESPproMon Community Site


Well, they can be pretty handy. 2 years ago we were consuming a lot of energy at home. But we did not know what was consuming it. We tought we were just using a lot of it. As it turned out we had a water leak under the house that was leaking hot water. So the boiler was working 24/7. This took us almost 2 years to figure out because we only got our energy consumption every 6 months. If we would have had a smart meter we might have noticed it earlier and saved ourselves a couple of thousands of euro’s. I don’t know if this was the kind of input you wanted, but here it is.


@Dema323 yes that’s the sort of thing and I know other users that have identified “problem areas” when they started using their Smart Meters.

Did you not have a conventional meter that would have helped identify the problem? I guess like many you wait for the bill to arrive and then notice you have a problem.

We had and still have one of those old meters. And i guess we would have been able to look at the old meter and try to turn everything off one by one or something like that. But it would have been easier to just check a app or a graph or something like that. Also i guess it is better for the energy company ? Being able to bill people exactly what they consumed in stead of an estimate and help to avoid people lying about it.

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If you want to go a little bit further, with those devices they can notice about your habits, I mean, when you are at home or not, when you wake up and go to sleep, when you are using the air conditioning or washing machine… Lot of information to think about… A little bit paranoid? :unamused:

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No not paranoid Jose. Our app actually simulates the running of a 9000 btu aircon unit for individuals that have not yet invested in a Smart Meter. See screenshot of simulation below.

In due course I’ll probably move this thread to the “Projects” section. We are 100% Android users but I don’t think there is anything that wouldn’t work with iOS, apart from maybe the actual QR code.

If there are any iOS users that wants to beta test the app please give us a shout.


App published with blynk ?

@Dema323 status is provisioned with Blynk prior to publishing.

Looks great !

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So you guys made a smart meter ?

No we created an app for an “off the shelf meter”, cost < $10 for the basic model of the hardware.

Our app will be priced at $1000 / unit, or less :slight_smile:

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And now we understand the “smart” part of these meters… “smart” marketing and finance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Does this “Blynk Anna Provisioning” video autoplay on your Smartphone?

Not the overlay on the video but the actual video and is the sound automatically muted on your phone?

Please advise which make and model of phone you have that works or doesn’t work.

The video is fine on a desktop PC but not on my S3. For the S3 traditional YT embedding works OK but not with autostart.

Nexus6 Android v.7.0 - no automatic play or sound… and after testing on a PC to find out what it was (I am assuming) supposed to do, I must say, that was a good thing… as on the PC, there is no way to stop, pause, adjust or mute (short of full PC mute) except to leave the page.

I personally thought the phone version was good, just include the option to play (and option to stop) and that would be a nice looking advert.

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@Gunner thanks for the feedback.

The old style embedded YT, which should work for all devices, and has start and stop feature is shown half way down the main page.

Old style also allows you to start part way through the video, around 3m 40s in this case, which AFAIK the modern slider doesn’t.

I know it’s annoying but the whole idea is that it starts automatically and it can’t be stopped. Think that’s why Android decided to disable the feature.

Have noticed that Anna is looping around 1m 40s in the auto slider, but I can’t find the setting in the GUI to let it play all 7m of the video.

@Gunner I have made some mods to the Desktop and Mobile versions if you have time to check them again.

Found the fix for the modern slider video “slice”.

OK, now the mobile has manually starting video playback in the YT embedded window (below the many picture with the slide in overly). When pressing play, the video starts mid way @3.40, but otherwise offers full control on the slider RR/FF, play, pause, stop, mute, etc.

On the desktop (using Chrome), the upper “picture” UNDER the overlay, still starts automatically playing, from whatever point the still frame was at, and refuses to stop or mute. making all the controllability of the 2nd YT widow, pretty much useless as they compete for your attention :wink:

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I also checked on an S5 and it will not autoplay videos.

The old style embedded player is just there for Smartphone users as desktop users have the “benefit” of autoplay. That said if desktop users want to see the video for a second time they can use the old style player when the slider version gets to the end.

Well it is a personal preference… but If I stumble upon a page that started playing an unstoppable, non-mutable video… I tend to leave, never to return :wink:

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@Costas, any links to these “off the shelf” smart meters?
We have a “smart” meter at our place … no idea how it works but i imagine its some sort of GPSM based system that sends an SMS to the power provider?