ESPecoMon ACS712 30A arduino mega

hello guys are struggling with an acs712 30a connected with mega arduino with the direct 5v. I’m using the @costas especomon program. I have a voltage of 232v and at this moment I have a consumption of 0.71amp while the program indicates 2.097 amps. my energy cost is € 0.069 kwh. I tried to adjust the slides in the project but I can not align the measurements. do you have any suggestions? thank you all

Probably best to create a post on his forum as there is nothing much we can do with his custom firmware.

EDIT - Oops… I thought it was just a misspelling :stuck_out_tongue: Nope, you are referring to this version

Since you are using an Arduino, You should NOT be using any extra resistor values on your Analog pin, as referenced in the script and documentation (that is for ESP use)

BTW, as that is the 30 Amp sensor… and without backing any of this guesswork up with time consuming research (I will leave that for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) The margin of error for reading a sub 1A range on a 30A sensor might just be what you are seeing :thinking:

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