ESP9266 - 01 Rx-Tx as GPIO Issue

Hi blynkers,

I made ESP8266 relay, DHT11, Servo and sensor controller and attached servo to GPIO 1. Its working great but…

I can not program my esp board again. rx tx pins are always high (controlled from rx tx leds).

I tried ttl converter, Arduino uno(i used as a programmer before). Still not responding.

Question: Can i add pull down resistor on rx tx pins to allow data flow?


Your question is not Blynk related… but if you want to use one of the serial pins for GPIO use, then you cannot also use it for programming. I recommend using OTA programming instead. Google Arduino OTA ESP8266 for further info.

As for “recovery”, grounding GPIO0 when powering up should put it into programming mode.

Sorry, you are right.

It runs on programming mode but communication is not responding. I will try some solutions. If i find, i will attach to my post.