ESP8266 with Relay onboard

Hi all.

Found this. I think its really interesting for its compact size.

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Interesting but a bit dated now since it looks like its using the ESP-01 which won’t allow Over The Air updates due to flash limits.

See also here, that is cheaper and full esp8266…


That’s more like it!

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I like the price. -those relays are limited to >125vac max and a maximum of 3amps, but are connectorized to wimpy .1" header posts. I designed a “quarter” pc board (1.2" X 1.8") that is line powered (100vac-250vac, 50 or 60hz) at . It is using a 277vac/16amp relay and an Esp12-e for the WiFi. Because of the relay design, NO switched current runs through the PC board. The relay uses “Sta-Kon” connectors. The “pgm” header is also used for an on/off pushbutton.