ESP8266 with micropython

Hi all

I’m new to the forum, so thanks in advance for any help.

I have been using Blynk for the last year or so on a few Wemos D1-minis (via arduino code) around the house to simply turn on lights using physical pins.

I’m trying to now use micropython and have followed the guide here:

I’ve edited the file with my wifi creds and auth code. The device appears to connect to the Blynk server as shown via the screen image and the device appears as connected in the Blynk app (ios) but there is no control of the pins. I’ve tried all available pins with no success.

I’ve tried on both Wemos D1-mini and NodeMCU - as a side note if I re-flash the boards with different code, I can controll all the pins via http.

Many thanks for any help.