Esp8266 wifi module & Blynk Direct Connectivity


I had done project i.e controlling LED using Esp8266 wifi module , arduino and Blynk App and was successful. But in there mine Esp8266 wifi module connects to the wifi only when i open my serial monitor of Arduino IDE but it disconnects, if i close the serial monitor which results in no connectivity to my esp8266 wifi module. So I want to use arduino just to upload my code(connect it to wifi too) to Esp8266 wifi module and then connect it to Blynk App on android thus run & control my project.
The first project connectivity is shown as,
PC(serial monitor used for wifi connectivity)-Arduino UNO-Esp8266 wifi module -wifi-Blynk
where the thing which irritates me is to opt out PC(just used once for programming and then turn it off).
Apparatus used
Arduino UNO, Esp8266-01 wifi module 1MB flash, Arduino IDE 1.8.2

Thanks in Advance

Please help me out in this one @gunner @coastas

While I do not have any experience with the set-up you described (I tend to use a wemos D1 mini for most of my projects), I do know that people have gotten them to work in the manner you wish. As you have not provided any code to show how you connected it for your first attempt, I am not sure what you have already tried. I can point you to some code that may be helpful.

Thanks bro I am gonna try it out.

Try using NodeMCU-12E.
Code @auto config wifi … Compiler
Check the code
If passing … test on every pin D pin on D4 on board, @Widgit SW set D4 …
(Check that online already)