Esp8266 wifi and Uno on USB Serial

I’ve now spent a lot of time reading up and just really want some kind of clarification as to a yes or no if it’s possible
2 devices on a local server.
Each has its own project and on a different phone.
Both work independently of each other using a simple blink or switch.
What I was looking to do is simply use bridge to set a Vpin on the other device.
I have no problem keep playing, learning etc but is this even possible?
I’ve seen mixed statements from people about wifi to wifi only, no to bluetooth to wifi bridge as there is an in between stage there.
Should I be able to get a USB connected uno, COM5 on the same PC running the local Blynk server, to talk to the ESP8266 with relay board also on that server.
Getting annoyed with it, but it will not beat me

Yes… if using same account. Unsure about Bridging across Local Server accounts… ID and connectivity issues I think?

Not sure of question… BT/BLE is really the only black sheep of the equation as it’s devices connect to the phone, thus some server specific features not availed (like bridge) and some limited operational methods like not running in background, etc.

Otherwise devices running over USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular… all connect to the server so they basically operate the same way… so…

Yes. Just use the same IP in the USB script as the PC/Server you are running on

Thank you for the reply
Seems I was missing the easiest thing, you stated same account, appears to be the one thing I hadn’t tested.

However, the 8266 is now on then offline every few seconds, I’ve stopped the writing to it, ie not setting any remote Vpins, but it’s still happening.
Wonder what I’ve missed this time. Tomorrow will be a long day, hopefully it’s not something on the board I’ve damaged and just a code issue

Share your code.