ESP8266 using Bluetooth and Wifi at same time

Is it possible to use Wi-fi and Bluetooth at the same time with ESP8266 and bluetooth?
I mean if the Wi-fi is not available is it possible to control devices using Bluetooth?

WiFi and BT at same time… yes, as long as one is the Blynk connection and the other for something unrelated… usually WiFi for Blynk and the device can use the BT for perhaps a sensor link or something.

As for both being used for Blynk connection… probably… but you would have to write some custom code to pick and chose. I can’t think of any valid use case, so unsure if anyone else has tried.

For example… If “normal” WiFi AP is unavailable for a WiFi capable device (that is in range of the phone as needed for BT), then the phone itself can act as a WiFi AP over it’s cell network… Thus no need for the BT link, custom coding and dealing with the BT limitations (inconsistent link and some widget unsupported).

And if both the Cell network and “normal” WiFi is unavailable, then so is the Blynk Cloud Server, as needed for the App to work. You would then need a Local Server with internal WiFi AP installed… thus back to the “Why use BT if WiFi is an option” conundrum.

Even i have the same issue …how can i link bluetooth and nodemcu both.For example my wifi is under service at that time both the device and my mobile will not have internet connection ,still i need to operate the home applainces so at that time can we use bluetooth to send comands to nodemcu for receiving ill add bluetooth module to RX TX of esp8266 and connect bluetooth in app and operate normally??

I assume you’re talking about a situation where your internet connection is down, but your router is still up and running?

I this scenario, your best option is probably a Blynk local server, or use Node-Red and MQTT along with Blynk.


no my router is totally dead…for time being i must controle all devices using bluetooth is it possible??

I guess so, if all of your devices are Bluetooth enabled, and are running suitable code.


ok for that should i drag bluetooth widget in blynk app and test?

the main aim is that when wifi is not available how to still controle home applainces??

What hardware do you have attached to your NodeMCU’s to make them bluetooth capable?
What Bluetooth connection routines have you written in to your code on the NodeMCUs to enable them to connect to Blynk via Wi-Fi?


hc 05 bluetooth module…now i wanted to know whether will is work or not…if so then ill to code parth

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