ESP8266 (Standalone) as modem

Hi there,

the ESP8266 integration works great so far.
Is it somehow possible to use the Tx/Rx of the ESP and send/receive “pure” text message? This is interresting especially for ESP versions with few GPIO (ESP-01O but allowing to connect to a hardware which can communicate via the UART

Well yes , sure. You can use Serial object if you wish. You can also disable BLYNK_PRINT so it won’t print any messages by itself (You will control all the output).

Hope that helps

not sure if I got you right: you’re refering to the Arduino Sketch? Yes, I should be able to send from there but not from the tablet.
In a perfect world I would have some kind of textbox on the tablet and this text would be transfered to the ESP which sends out to a connected device via Tx. Of course the same for the other way, receiving via Rx and sending to the tablet.

However there is not even a textbox or similar on the Blynk GUI?!

It seems like you are describing smth similar to this: String values from app button to device

Is it?

I can’t completely follow s-t-cat description but it seems quit similar