ESP8266 stand alone using PushData from the serial port - how?

I’ve been spinning my wheels how to read the serial data on the ESP from a arduino then send out using the PushData example.

My set up consists of an Arduino sending out data (max values over the minute) (via serial or I2C) every 1min to the ESP, the ESP would take that data and Push out to Blynk.

Any help/tips/tutorials I’d need to read on how to modify the PushData code to also run the if Serial.available -; and Serial.parseINT(); commands (at least I think that’s what I need to do).

I’m sure this has been asked before but all my searching turns up is how to control the ESP through the arduino, which is not what I want - my modules are running independent of each other.


You have to use the AT command set to push out data over wifi via the serial port. Isn’t it just more elegant to only use the ESP? Or is that not possible? Can you describe your project? There may be more than one solution :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the response.

I have a Arduino pro-mini that is pushing the data (from an accelerometer) via serial or I2C to the ESP8266, the Arduino is not controlling the ESP in any way, the ESP is stand alone running the Blynk sketch PushData.

Essentially the ESP is just getting the snippets from the Arduino and sending out, the ESP is not doing any heavy lifting at all.

I’m not using the pro-mini to get the ESP to send AT commands. They are two separate units working in tandem.

I just don’t know how to get the serial data from the Arduino and package it up on the ESP.

Can’t you just attach the accelerometer via Serial to the ESP? That sounds a lot more efficient to me :slight_smile:

Attach Accelerometer to the ESP via I2C you can map it to pretty much any pin you want to . Otherwise you can easily get this data through serial just send as set of bytes and decode on the other side. AT command will eat up baud rate for no reason.

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