ESP8266 shield RSSI signal strength

I am currently using an ESP-01(ESP8266) shield board connected to an UNO. All is well, I am connected to wifi and my blynk app. I can read and write data back and forth no problems. Actually amazingly. My next endeavor is to display the wifi signal strength from the ESP to Blynk. I have tried for hours, searching until my brain is mush. Can’t figure this out. Most topics are about the standalone ESP8266 type boards. I tried using the WiFi library as it has an RSSI function but it seems to be clashing with the Blynk wifi software and never connects. WiFi.begin(ssid) not working. Do any of you skilled gurus out there know how I can get signal strength data from my ESP shield so that I can display to a blynk widget? I am looking for a simple “GetRSSI” type function to use.Thanks.

With an ESP-01 as a WiFi shield you are working in (hell) AT command mode.

Open this page and search the page for RSSI

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Something like this may help

BLYNK_WRITE(V12)  // this function returns WiFi signal strength
    rssi = WiFi.RSSI();
      lcd.print(0 ,0,"Wifi Strength");   
      lcd.print(0 ,1,rssi);

The OP is using the ESP as a shield… thus a different library and a command like that is not recognised in the compiler.

My bad, didn’t read the post properly

I will give this some thought. Looks like some more study time is at hand. It will be a good exercise.