ESP8266 pushed ESP32 offline

I’ve set up a Blynk account for my brother, and programmed an esp8266 for him. When testing it, it pushed my own running esp32 offline. As soon as I turned off the esp8266, the esp32 came back online.

How could this happen?

I guess that you’re using the same Auth token on both devices?

If so then this isn’t someth8ng you can do. Each device needs a 7nique Auth token.


No. I am using BlynkEdgent, so authentication is done with my mobile phone.

I was wondering if it has to do with two blynk accounts on the same WIFI?

So is that Edgent on both devices?

No, but this is the first time you’ve mentioned two Blynk accounts. That’s a different Blynk subscription and Organisation name for each account?

The more information you can provide, so we don’t have to keep guessing, the more likely you are to get a speedy resolution.


Yes, edgent on both devices.
The esp8266 is setup on ny brothers account, and the ESP32 on my account - we have different account names… Both devices were connected to the same network, and authentication was done with the same phone.

Sorry for being unclear.

Did you log-out go your account and in to your brother’s account before provisioning your brother’s device?


No I didn’t. And now i understand what went wrong. Thanks for the help.

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