Esp8266 ota not working on rpi zero w 2 (local server)


i use the rpi zero w 2 as access point and offline local server for my motorhome. there are few esp units connected through wifi.

everything works, but when i try to flash new sketch to esp8266 through arduino ide ota (using the rpi wifi network), it gives the “no answer” message and nothing happens.

if i do the same thing through my phones wifi (hotspot), it works all the time. so, something must be with the rpi configuration or some ports management issue?

there are some ports which are blocked by default on the rpi?

can someone with linux knowledge help me?

Do you have an active DHCP server on your RPI?

here are the exact steps taken to configure the rpi. in steps 12 and 13 there is some dhcp stuff, so i guess it should work… how can i check?

You could try using this OTA tool…

Not as convenient as doing it all within the IDE, because you have to do Sketch > Export Compiled Binary then Sketch > Show Sketch Folder to pick-up the .bin file, but it might help you to narrow-down where the issue is.


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hm, ok. will try.
but did you ever had to configure something “special” on your rpi to make ota work? or you never used the rpi as access point also?

I’ve never used an RPI in that way, always a conventional network with a router.


Make sure to put the “ArduinoOTA.handle();” in the main loop so it gets called continuously. I do this all the time in my RV using a local server on a RPI 3+ as an acces point as well.

See if you can ping the address from your machine with the IDE. In the past I had problems with router response and pinging it a few times during compile would wake it up for the OTA upload.

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well, it turned out that for some unknown reason, windows had issues when switching wifi networks. it didn’t connected correctly to some wifi, and it gave the “Default Gateway Is Not Available” in the network diagnostics. so, to solve the problem i had to open cmd in “god” mode and type:

netsh int ipv4 reset
netsh int ipv6 reset

commands, then reboot my pc.

now ota it works fine all the time. sorry it was not blynk related problem, but was super frustrating :slight_smile:

thanks for all!