Esp8266 not responding to AT commands

Hi all,
here we brought a new esp8266 module.
we are given power supply to that module.
and we are trying to connect that module through my mobile .
In this situation I am not able to connect to that module.
Then I connected the serial connector I am receiving the data like … this only at this situation what I have to do.
here I was sent the AT commands through the serial connector then also not responding.

Can you be more specific about exactly what sort of ESP8266 module?

Have you uploaded any code (sketch) to the module?


No ,not uploaded any code to that module.
this the model I am using .

NODEMCU - ESP8266 Wifi Development Board

Just connected the serial port to my computer.

Okay, you probably need to set your serial monitor baud rate to 74880 to see the boot messages from the NodeMCU, and it will only respond to AT commands if it was shipped with AT firmware.

What is your overall goal with this device, and where does Blynk fit into this?


serial baud rate set to 115200.On Power on some data is giving by esp8266.
My goal is .
I will send some commands(data) to esp from my mobile then it should give same commands(data) through serial port.then my application is complete.
If AT firmware not there in ESP How to down load it and install it.
please guide me.


The server is going to maintained by our clients.
I am a junior engineer so ,I don’t have right to share the more information .

So we can’t help you, sorry.
I assume that if you have clients, you have a contract with Blynk staff.

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I’ve closed this topic, as it doesn’t appear to be linked to Blynk.

In that case, you’re not likely to get the assistance that you require.

If you obtain the permission, or there is a more senior person who can share that information then I’d suggest starting a new “need help with my project” topic and begin by providing ALL of the information that is requested when you create the topic.

You should then go on to provide as much pertinent information as possible about exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve, and the issues you are encountering.