ESP8266 "not recommended"

ESP8266 seems to be supported with original firmware. But it also says ESP8266 is “not recommended”. What are the limitations to use the ESP8266 considering it is not recommended?

Could you please explain where it’s said that ESP8266 is not recommended? There are tons of live Blynk projects already out there.

Under "supported hardware section. Maybe this text means that altering the firmware would work?

ESP8266 as WiFi modem (running original firmware) - not recommended

In that configuration the esp is just a serial wifi modem for an arduino.

Running blynk directly on the esp is another configuration that doesn t need an arduino.

It s also quite supported by the team and they ve made a lot of updates already for stability

You would need to upload a new firmware using the arduino ide with esp8266 libs

Hi all, Check out the latest library release, it comes bundled with some required libraries for ESP8266 Shield and improved stability: