ESP8266 NodeMCU i with my arduino uno s not responding

when i connent the arduino uno with ESP and then try ro connct with my WIFI it shows that ESP is not responing

This tutorial is a good place to start troubleshooting Uno/ESP-01 problems…


i use arduino uno with esp nodemcu

could you provide me with steps and should i use esp flash?


Throw away your Arduino and just use the NodeMCU !



when i am connecting my esp8266 mcu with maga this come

Before creating the topic

this is the output
Esp. maga
V3 V3

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You are using the same serial port for both debug and AT communications. This won’t work.
If you read the link I provided earlier you’ll understand why.

But, why are you using a Mega and a NodeMCU together?
The NodeMCU is much more powerful than the Arduino.


i need more ports to connect with this is why i used

My device is mac i spend around one week of search how to change serial port put its was not helpful could please advise me?

i read the link and it was help in commutation and matching the boad rate

Use and ESP32 instead then.


This is nothing to do with the serial port on your MAC computer, it’s about the serial ports on your Arduino Mega.

If you go back and edit your previous posts (using the pencil icon at the bottom of the post) and replace the screenshots of your code and serial monitor output with the actual code test, and serial monitor text, then I’ll point-out where your problem is.

When you post your code and serial monitor output put triple backticks before and after the text you are pasting so that it displays correctly.

Triple backticks look like this:

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